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We help established companies to innovate as good as startups

The Innovation Board is a Danish innovation management consultancy, who have helped more than 250 established companies to become better innovators. Established in 2005. Offices in Copenhagen and Hamburg.

WHAT WE DO. We are a Danish management consulting firm, who help established companies to innovate as good as startups. We have as much focus on how companies innovate, as on what they want to innovate. Our ambition is to take established companies' innovation capacity to a level, where it becomes a real and organisational core competence.

HOW WE DO IT. We have chosen to dedicate 100% of our time to help established companies become better innovators, and it has given us the experience, skills and a mindset, which can only be matched by few. Our network of experienced expert consultants has a minimum of 10 years experience within the fields of innovation economy, strategy, change and innovation management.

WHY WE DO IT. We do it, because we believe that a high innovation capacity is the only true competitive advantage, a company can have. Innovation should therefore have a far bigger strategic and organisational priority in established companies, and we go to work every single day to push our customers in that direction.

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